Rosalyn L. Glenn is a native of Wellford, SC.  She is the proud daughter of Robert and Carolyn Glenn, the middle sibling of Renea and Chris Glenn, sister in law to Toni Glenn and aunt to Christian and Joshua Glenn. Rosalyn was raised in her family home among a host of extended family members.  Her high moral character and extraordinary ethical standards were instilled in her from a young age by her family. She believes strongly in family and attributes much of her life success to the lessons taught and inspired by her family.
Rosalyn was educated in the public schools of Spartanburg County School District Five.  She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in Sociology. She has always had a heightened interest in society, social relationships, social interaction and culture and she’s used her education to inform her community involvement and the impact she continues to make in her current spheres of influence.  Rosalyn participated and graduated with the 2010 Class of Leadership South Carolina. In addition, Rosalyn also graduated from South Eastern CUNA Management School, Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor School, obtained her Series 6, 63, and 65 licenses, and her Financial Services Certified Professional (FSCP) Designation through The American College.  She values education and prides herself on being a lifelong learner as she seeks to remain relevant in her career field and on matters of importance to her.

Rosalyn is the President and CEO of Glenn Destiny Consulting, LLC.  As an entrepreneur, she’s built her business to a self-sustaining level and she shares her successes with individuals, businesses, churches, and nonprofit organizations in developing financial strategies to ensure their longevity and sustainability.  With more than 25 years of financial experience, she utilizes her planning, organizing, and business skills to assist clients in reaching their fullest financial potential while staying focused on their mission and goals.  Her financial background is comprehensive and extensive and she uses her financial training every day to enhance the lives of people of all socioeconomic statuses.


As a college student, Rosalyn began a career in banking that spanned over the years from a part time teller to an Administrator.  Her time in the banking industry afforded her the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and experience that she currently uses daily with her clients.  During her banking tenure, Rosalyn worked with every area of the industry from the front line to executive level staff. She was responsible for customer service, lending, operational compliance, auditing and training.  She has a full and complete understanding of the banking industry which qualified her to achieve one of the most remarkable accomplishments of her life.


In 1991, Rosalyn was appointed to serve on a Credit Union Task Force to explore the feasibility of opening a credit union sponsored by the Brookland Baptist Church.  She led the Task Force in working with the South Carolina Credit Union League and the National Credit Union Administration and secured a federal charter to operate Brookland Federal Credit Union in May 1999.  Due to the display of her untiring work ethic, her past financial experience and her dedication to the Task Force, she was offered the position as manager and subsequently President/CEO of the Credit Union. In this position she was responsible for the overall operations of the Credit Union to include financial management, lending, administrative management, and human resource management.  The Credit Union reached $3.1 Million in assets with over 1700 members under Rosalyn’s leadership and it is still operating today because of the strong foundation laid by her strong work ethics. The establishment of the Brookland Federal Credit Union is one of Rosalyn’s proudest accomplishments.


Rosalyn is involved in her community and over the years has volunteered in various capacities.  She has been most impactful in her service to Brookland Baptist Church where she served in ministry for 30 years sharing the gospel and volunteering her knowledge and experience to assist the Church administratively.  She played a major role in establishing the North East Campus of Brookland Baptist Church once again creating a strong foundation for the Church to maintain its current level of existence. She leaves an indelible impression upon everything she commits to and leaves each endeavor much better than before her involvement.  Rosalyn is currently serving in ministry at The Brook, a new and thriving Church where she is continuing the same level of service in her commitment to her faith and belief that we should strive to build God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Rosalyn continues her service through her membership in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., an organization of college educated women committed to public service and to the constructive development of its members with a primary focus on the African American community.  She’s served the Sorority for 30 years in various capacities and last year was elected by members of the Sorority to serve as the South Atlantic Regional Member of the National Finance Committee of Delta Sigma Theta. In this capacity, she is responsible for working with the National Treasurer in considering the financial needs of the Sorority to include planning, evaluating and recommending the annual operating budget, studying and developing financial plans to strengthen the financial base of the Sorority and overseeing and monitoring the fiscal controls of the organization.  She most recently participated on a subcommittee of the National Finance Committee to review and recommend sustainable measures to sure up the Sorority’s Employee Retirement Plan. With her expertise, the committee worked through the tough decisions and converted the plan from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan.


Rosalyn also volunteers her time and expertise with a host of other organizations to include The League of Women Voters and The Fortitude Foundation.  In these capacities, professional and personal, she has committed her life to sharing her knowledge and encouraging people to a higher standard of living, particularly in their financial matters.  She believes her life purpose is to help people get to a level of financial stability that is sustainable and relevant to them as individuals. Her motivation is found in the transformation of the lives of people as they come to know their life purpose and live up to their fullest potential.   


Rosalyn resides in Columbia, South Carolina and in her spare time, enjoys family and friends, traveling, music, and reading.

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