Raising the Bar for Fiscal Responsibility

The South Carolina Treasurer’s Office is responsible for providing transparent, accountable and efficient banking, investment, and financial management services for South Carolina State Government.  The office has the responsibility of safeguarding the State’s financial resources while achieving the maximum return on investments to ensure the financial stability of our State. In order to achieve this, we must raise the level of consciousness among all of State Government Agencies and Departments regarding how each directly or indirectly impacts the other.  We are one South Carolina and we must set priorities and ensure that our resources are allocated to the priorities we set. Each citizen of South Carolina must understand the role he or she plays in the sustainability of our State and our State’s leadership must be responsive to the citizens of the State to manage the resources prudently and efficiently. We are all responsible for our individual well-being which carries over to our collective well-being.  However, the State Leadership is responsible for managing the resources to meet the needs of the citizens, and as important, the employees of the State. It is currently reported that the SC Pension plan is underfunded to the tune of $24 Billion. This as a result of bad investments, poor plan structure, and intentional underfunding. While we could point the finger at who is to blame, the more essential focus should be how we repair what is not working and find solutions to the plan to make it more sustainable.   We R Better Together!

Renewing Trust & Integrity in Leadership

Given the increasingly interconnected State that we live in, it is critical to our sustainability that we foster a high level of trust and integrity in the Leadership.  The citizens of the State deserve Leadership that is qualified to carry out their duties while remaining accountable to the needs of the citizens. With all that we are facing in the State and even our Country, South Carolina can be the catalyst and example for what trust and integrity in government produces for the benefit of its citizens.  The counties, cities, and towns throughout this State look to the Treasurer’s Office for guidance and direction. They need to be able to trust that they are getting the best, unbiased information for the benefit of their residents while being assured that their information is being safeguarded and managed to meet their needs. The citizens of South Carolina have an expectation that all State leadership exemplify high moral aptitude and impeccable character. Being one South Carolina, we have the responsibility of making decisions with the best interest of all citizens in mind.  The loss of trust and integrity can render government ineffective if it is not restored and maintained. I bring a high level of character and integrity with me as I pursue this office and I will encourage that same high level of character and integrity among all whom I interact with to be effective in the responsibilities of the Office of Treasurer. We R Better Together!


Rebuilding Relationships

Maintaining solid, productive relationships require an intentional effort.  The Office of the Treasurer has the unique opportunity to be the epicenter of governmental relationships for the State.  While each agency, commission, and department has its singular goals and objectives, all of them on some level ultimately interact with the Treasurer’s Office.   In an effort to be fiscally responsible and accountable to the citizens of this State, the Treasurer’s Office can facilitate occasions to collaborate and look for ways to reduce duplication of efforts particularly in the services provided and the costs for doing so.  In the areas where relationships have been severed for whatever reasons or duplication of services can be identified, the interaction through the Treasurer’s Office can be a distinctive way to address those concerns and facilitate building relationships that offer solutions and perhaps even produces cost savings for the State.  The costs savings can then be reallocated to meet the needs of the citizens of the State without imposing additional liabilities to them. We R Better Together!

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