Raise the Bar for Fiscal Transparency

Reinforce the Importance of Trust & Integrity

Reimagine Delta’s Leadership in Economic Development

Reach Across the Sisterhood to Achieve Financial Literacy



Raise the Bar for Fiscal Transparency

It is the duty of the National Finance Committee to consider the financial needs of the Sorority and to recommend the general financial policies of Grand Chapter. As Chair, I will lead this Committee in providing transparent, accountable, and efficient banking, investment, and financial management guidance for our Sorority. The Committee has the responsibility of planning, evaluating, and recommending the annual operating budget. We will do this while safeguarding the Sorority’s financial resources and achieving the maximum return on investments to ensure the financial stability of our organization.

· Ensure proper internal controls are established and adhered to

· Implement a quarterly webinar financial presentation in conjunction with the financial reports provided to the      body.   In collaboration with the National Executive Committee, we will share our financial reports and other          pertinent financial information on a quarterly webinar basis. This will allow the membership opportunity to ask    questions for clarity and understanding and build an inclusive structure to ensure we all maintain the same          priorities.

· Identify resources to educate Chapters on the wise use of capital and how to properly position the assets of the      Chapter to produce the resources needed to maintain the Chapters.

Reinforce the Importance of Trust & Integrity

Given the increasing interconnectedness of the Sorority, it is critical to our sustainability that we foster a high level of trust and integrity in our practices and policies. The Membership of the Sorority deserves leadership that is qualified to carry out their duties and accountable to the needs of the Sorority. They need to be able to trust that the financial resources are being properly allocated while being assured that they are also being safeguarded and managed to meet the priorities of the Sorority. Grand Chapter has an expectation that all leaders and staff of the Sorority exemplifies high moral aptitude and impeccable character. Being one Delta, we have the responsibility of making decisions with the best interest of all members in mind. The loss of trust and integrity can render the Sorority ineffective if it is not restored and maintained.

           · Bring a high level of character and integrity  as I pursue this office and encourage the same high level among all  with whom I interact 

· Encourage open and honest dialogue regarding the fiscal matters of the organization.

· Develop policies that are reasonable, efficient, and effective.


Reimagine Delta’s Leadership in Economic Development

As an organization committed to the constructive development of its members with a primary focus on the black community, Delta Sigma Theta can take a leading role in revolutionizing approaches to the economic development of our Membership and ultimately the communities where we serve. Access to capital is essential and necessary for the sustainability of our communities. We can become a trusted resource by modeling best money management practices to build wealth in the black community and making information available to encourage economic growth and sustainability. Delta is known for her trailblazing manner. We will close the wealth gap in the black community through our collaboration with other D9 organizations and create a financial system that meets the needs of the black community.

· Study and develop financial plans to strengthen our financial base and ultimately the community.

· Conduct training sessions with Chapters and other organizations in the communities we serve.

· Collaborate with D9 organizations to provide access to capital for the things we need to support the black                community.

Reach across the Sisterhood to Achieve Financial Literacy

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. As we take action and focus on securing our financial future, we will reach across the Sisterhood and bring along alumnae and collegiate Sorors through the training and development of chapter fiscal officers, as well as focusing on the financial literacy of chapter members so they can build their personal wealth. The strength that will come from our unity will fortify us to continue the work of our Founders and solidify our standing in the world as a premier women’s organization destined to make impact. To achieve this, we will raise the level of consciousness among all Delta members and Chapters regarding how each directly or indirectly impacts the other. We are one Delta, and we must set priorities and ensure that our resources are allocated to the priorities we set as an organization. Each member of the Sorority must understand her role in the sustainability of our organization and as leaders of this Sorority, we must be responsive to the reasonable considerations of our membership.

· Consider the needs across the five generations of Delta and recommend policies and procedures                      conducive for all to adhere to

· Use technology and allow for non-technological opportunities to keep the whole membership engaged.

· Strengthen the financial base of the Sorority by making available educational opportunities to teach              wealth building practices and encourage the membership to make Delta a part of their legacy in their            wealth distribution plan