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I am humbled and honored to be slated for the position of National Treasurer for our beloved Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

It has been a pleasure to serve this Sensational Sisterhood for almost 35 years and now I want to continue my service in this executive leadership role, bringing to bear my more than 32 years in the financial services industry.  I have demonstrated my ability to do the work as I currently serve on the National Strategic Planning Committee, have served as a member of the National Finance Committee, and have served in various regional and chapter level positions. You will see as you peruse this website that I am more than qualified to carry out the responsibilities of the role.   But for now, I’d like to share a little bit more about who I am.

I’m a country girl hailing from small town Wellford, South Carolina.  My parents, Robert and Carolyn Glenn, raised my older sister, Renea; my younger brother Chris; and me to be God fearing and accountable for our own well-being.  They raised us to exhibit the core foundational values of love, kindness, integrity, intentionality and a strong work ethic.   I continue to employ these values even more so at this tenure of my life journey.  Family is priority for me and I enjoy spending time with them which also includes my sister-in-love, Toni and my niece and nephew, Christian Olivia and Joshua Christopher.  

My friendships are also important to me, and I am blessed beyond measure with several different sets of friends from my high school hunnies (elementary to high school friends), college colleagues (college friends), savvy saints (church friends), business buddies (work and political friends), and my sensational sorors (my sweet, sweet sorors).  I have found the scriptures to be true and as I show myself friendly, I continue to nurture and grow friendships that add so much value to my life.   

Another important aspect of my life is the call to serve God’s people in ministry. This humbling call affords me the privilege to study God’s Word in depth, share the love He has for His people, and serve them for His glory.  I currently serve in ministry at The Brook Church and I fully believe my life’s call is to assist people in getting to a higher level of financial stability and reaching their fullest life potential.  From my vantage point, serving our Sisterhood as the National Treasurer is right in line with the will of God for my life.

As National Treasurer, not only will I work to ensure the financial stability of our great sisterhood, I also believe this position allows me to more fully fulfill the plan of God for my life.  I believe I embody the role and I can facilitate the work.

Now that you know who I am, I hope as you view this website and review what I have done, you will more fully understand why I want to serve.  Thank you for your consideration and support as I pursue our DE$TINY --- Drive Everybody $uccessfully Towards Immensely Notable Yields!

Win with Glenn,

Rosalyn L. Glenn 

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