am excited to announce my candidacy for Chair of the National Finance Committee of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.


It has been a pleasure to serve as the South Atlantic Region Member of the Committee and now I want to continue the work I started and lead this Committee in executing its 

responsibilities.  I have demonstrated my ability to do the work and the opportunity has presented itself for me to continue my service on a higher level of leadership.


As Chair of the National Finance Committee, I will work with the National Treasurer, and other members of the Committee to:


  • Consider the financial needs of the Sorority and recommend dues and fees to the National Executive Board

  • Plan, evaluate, and recommend the annual operating budget to the National Executive Board

  • Recommend the general financial policies of Grand Chapter to the National Executive Board

  • Study and develop financial plans to strengthen the financial base of the Sorority

  • Oversee and monitor fiscal control of the approved budgets of the Sorority


I am more than qualified to assume these duties and perform them successfully with ease. My life purpose is to help people and entities be more accountable in their financial matters. With that mandate from God, I am obligated to comply and by His calling, I am assured success. 


I humbly ask for your support and if you are a chapter delegate, your vote. My life's work is dedicated to assisting people in securing an inheritance for their children and helping them to get a right mindset regarding money as a resource and not the source. I am preparing people to live the abundant life that is promised to all of us who will believe God's Word and obey it. As Chair of the National Finance Committee, not only will I work to ensure the financial security of our great sisterhood but I also believe this position will allow me to more fully fulfill the plan of God for my life.  I believe I embody the role and I can facilitate the work.


Thank you for your consideration and support as I pursue our DE$TINY --- Drive Everybody $uccessfully Toward Immensely Notable Yields.


Peace, Love, and Abundant Blessings,


Rosalyn L. Glenn